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Happy birthday Paola!
Tonight we celebrated Paola's seventeenth birthday with a delicious yet unusual treat: a pizza pie! Paola loves pizza and this was her wish 🙂 Happy happy birthday from all of us, Paolita! More)
Happy birthday Vera!
Tonight we had a very good reason to celebrate: Vera turned 19! She really is THE senior student in the House 🙂 Many wishes from all of us in Villa Ecureuil! (More)
Happy birthday Anastasia... Trudy!
Today Anastasia turns 18, yes!! Another \"adult\" in our Boarding House 🙂 We all wish you a very happy birthday!!! Have fun celebrating with your mother in Geneva - such a great occasion! More)
What happened in the last few days...
This is a picture of our FANTASTIC performance for the House Cheers in the first chapter of the Boarding Houses Competition - thanks to o (More)
Esther\'s Birthday ^^ - March 13
The master of selfies... ^^ [caption id=\"attachment_1334\" align=\"alignnone\" width=\"800\ (More)
Villa Ecureuil has two more Young Adults in the house!
Two more birthdays in less than a week! Last Friday it was Sunny\'s - and she celebrated it with her parents, who are now in Geneva - and today it is Natalia\'s!! Ha (More)
Natalia Korennaya is 18 now!!
Happy birthday from all of us!! More)
Happy birthday Alisa!
  Tonight spirits were high as Alisa entered her bedroom to find her bed completely cover (More)
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