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Fantastic Week...
Good afternoon, Last  week the Ecureuil girls were very kind to share many pictures enjoying their time in Geneva and in school. The pi (More)
Boarding Awards ceremony
Yesterday afternoon the Boarding Awards ceremony took place in our Auditorium in order to aknowledge the great performace of many of the Collège du Léman boarders. Three categories were mentioned: boarding House life, boarding activites, academics (More)
Welcome to Villa Ecureuil for a new year full of adventures!
It is a pleasure for Esther and myself, the House Parents at Villa Ecureuil, to welcome you to our House Blog. We hope you will be Frequent Visitors so that you will be able to follow our daily and weekly adventures in the Great World of Boarding at (More)
Boarders\' Award Ceremony
Yesterday afternoon many boarders received awards for their academic achievements and participation to boarding life and activities. Our House was very well represented indeed! Aleksandra Kuznetcova: Boarding Life award Anastasia Trudovaia: Boa (More)
Home, sweet home...
It\'s when you are far from home that you realize how lucky you were to have parents, brothers, sisters and friends near you. Being a boarder could be hard, but being in the Ecureil/Villa Meritas makes it easier I think. For me it\'s the MOST beau (More)
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