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Welcome Back!
The girls have arrived back from the break refreshed and looking forward to the final, sunny term of the school year. It’s lovely to have you (More)
Talent Show 2018
Last week the girls took part in the latest House Competition - the Talent Show. Great fun was had by all and it was fantastic to see the acts from all the other houses. Well done girls! More)
Red Cross Museum
On Sunday our Grade 9s visited the Red Cross Museum in Geneva and learnt about the work they do across the globe. (More)
Well done to Margie for talking about her CAS charity project during the boarding assembly! Margie is working on a project for children with intellectual disabilities. We are very proud of her passion and dedication to this project.   More)
Happy 17th birthday Margie!!
Welcome back!
Welcome back to the boarding house everyone and happy new year!   (More)
Christmas Break
The first term has drawn to a close and the girls are slowly leaving New Portena and heading back to their family and friends for a well deserved break. The past few months have flown by with the girls showing dedication to their studies as well as e (More)
Winter concert
Louise, violinist from New Portena, performed in the Winter Concert with the String Ensemble on December 7, well done Louise!   (More)
Christmas Spirit has arrived in New Portena!
The tree is up in New Portena and as the cold weather has well and truly arrived, the girls are feeling more and more festive every da (More)
New Portena girls enjoyed Thanksgiving celebrations at Mr Usher's house! They also wrote on coloured cards what they are thankful for in their life.   (More)
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