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The guitar and ukulele group is back!
On Saturday afternoon the girls had fun playing the song Riptide with Costanza. The group will be back in two weeks. More)
A day as a boarder in CDL
Have you ever wondered how a day unfolds for a border here at CDL on a practical level? Well, we now have a fantastic video to show you what an average day is like... With our girls and boys! Filmed here! On a real, normal day! We would be happy t (More)
Weekend of Happiness
Good afternoon, This weekend the girls from our House did a lot of things: A few of girls, Katia, Muzoon, Rina and Runa went to EuropaPark; Paola went to see her family in Paris and others just stayed in Geneva and had a relaxing weekend, studyin (More)
What a weekend!!
Good afternoon, For this weekend, we had couple of pictures that were sent from the Ecureuil boarders. Here is the first picture from (More)
A fun activity on the Salève mountain
Last Sunday a new activity was organized for our boarders: an Orientation Race, that is, learning and practicing the use of a compass and of a map to find one's way back to the starting point of the activity. The location is beautiful, right next to (More)
Last week-end, a couple of the g (More)
International Motor Show!
Today our boarders went to the Geneva Motor Show... In our House, Elizaveta and Nilgoun decided to get up early and join the others to be there and see the last day of the Show. Everybody left at 8:30, which is no small sacrifice on a Sunday morning! (More)
Here is Yvonne, welcome again!
Here she is, our latest acquisition 🙂  We are looking forward to spending time, studying, doing activities... and discovering Swi (More)
Surprise! Yvonne is here
Today a new boarder arrived in Villa Ecureuil! Yvonne is from China and joined our boarding family this afternoon - she will be a member of (More)
Primary School Boarding comes to Collège du Léman!
Collège du Léman International Boarding School is proud to announce that as of January 2016, students from the age of 9 upwards can apply to become boarding students with our new Primary Boarding Programme. Please contact More)
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