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Two roommates just turned 17!
Amazing 🙂 how two roommates celebrated their birthdays to turn 17 just one day apart! Alejandra's birthday was celebrated on Monday, while Muzoon's was yesterday! It was great to see how happy they were to spend some time with friends!! Many h (More)
Happy 18th birthday Paola!
Last night we celebrated Paola's eighteenth birthday in the House with a good chocolate cake, a nice chat and a warm atmosphere. More)
Happy birthday Tatiana B!!
Our Tatiana B turned 18 while on holidays, on April 5, so we decided to celebrate her birthday last night with a yummy cake that her roommate Anastasia brought over in secret 🙂 Happy birthday Tatiana!! Wishing you all the best! More)
Yesss! Today we can indulge!
Because it is Chocolate Cake Day 🙂 🙂 🙂 More)
Happy birthday Vera!
Tonight we had a very good reason to celebrate: Vera turned 19! She really is THE senior student in the House 🙂 Many wishes from all of us in Villa Ecureuil! (More)
Yesterday night we were reunited again to celebrate Inna\'s 17th birthday!! Many many super-duper wishes from all of us :)... And as usual the cake was very yummy! (More)
Happy birthday Alisa!
  Tonight spirits were high as Alisa entered her bedroom to find her bed completely cover (More)
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