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New Portena girls enjoyed Thanksgiving celebrations at Mr Usher's house! They also wrote on coloured cards what they are thankful for in their life.   (More)
Our graduate Tatiana K turns 19 today
Super happy birthday, Tatiana!! We are sure you will have a double celebration today... Graduating yesterday and turning 19 the next day are good reasons to party party party! Many happy returns from all of us at Villa Ecureuil... Missing you! (More)
Pre-birthday celebration for Anastasia!
Tonight we enjoyed a delicious cake in order to... "pre-celebrate" Anastasia's birthday, which is actually next Friday. Nineteen years old! And about to finish her IB adventure here at Collège du Léman! Our best wishes for a great birthday, Nastia (More)
Happy birthday Tatiana B!!
Our Tatiana B turned 18 while on holidays, on April 5, so we decided to celebrate her birthday last night with a yummy cake that her roommate Anastasia brought over in secret 🙂 Happy birthday Tatiana!! Wishing you all the best! More)
Happy birthday Paola!
Tonight we celebrated Paola's seventeenth birthday with a delicious yet unusual treat: a pizza pie! Paola loves pizza and this was her wish 🙂 Happy happy birthday from all of us, Paolita! More)
Happy birthday Anastasia... Trudy!
Today Anastasia turns 18, yes!! Another \"adult\" in our Boarding House 🙂 We all wish you a very happy birthday!!! Have fun celebrating with your mother in Geneva - such a great occasion! More)
Christmas Dinner in Kempinski
As i said, the Christmas is ahead. Did you decide how you are going to celebrate it? In College du Leman, we had a great dinner in Kempinski, of course Christm (More)
                                                               Halloween Remember, Halloween (More)
Happy Chinese New Year !
It was Chinese New Year last week, all the Chinese students in CDL celebrated together and had a really good time.  I was kind of upset at the beginning of that (More)
Happy birthday Alisa!
  Tonight spirits were high as Alisa entered her bedroom to find her bed completely cover (More)
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