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Welcome Dinner!
Sophie finds a new hair accessory! [caption id="attachment_7600" alig (More)
Welcome from Leman 2
Hello Family and Friends Welcome to our Leman 2 blog. This is where we will share with you all the fun activities and events that happen within our Boarding House. We will (More)
All done now!
All students have successfully reached their destination in Orbe, we are now on our way home, happy, if a little more tired/sore/smelly than when we left! Students have had quite the adventure and we look forward to hearing more about each individua (More)
Day 2 Update!
All students are doing well and we hope that we might be able to finish a little early today.... If no one gets lost! (More)
Out in the wild...... Or at a campsite
We are all having a fairly good day in terms of weather..... Few showers, but staying pretty light. Half the groups are now at the campsite and the others should be arriving soon! Looking forwards to better weather tomorrow and a good (if a little ch (More)
Welcome Welcome Welcome
So Super Silver Award students and Beginner Bronzes, as well parents/other assorted family members/freinds/other teachers welcome to the new CDL International Award Blog. Myself, Mr Corbin & Mr Hetherington have been so proud of the way that y (More)
Primary School - Homework Tutoring
What: Homework Tutoring When: 4: 5:30 pm Monday to Friday Where: Villa Christina There are opportunities for both English and French speakers, if you are interested please contact visnja.pozniak@cdl.ch. (More)
ASK Volunteer Programmes
We are looking for student volunteers that are interested in working with children and also volunteers who are keen to use their natural skills to help develop our programmes. If your students are interested in getting involved with any of the fol (More)
Play Chess for CAS/REACH
Mr Watanabe is looking for cover for his Chess club on Tuesday 29th November from 4pm to 4:40pm in the Primary School. If you interested please see Mr Watanabe today (Wednesday 23rd) or tomorrow (Thursday 24th). If you can help please contact Hika (More)
Help out in Kindergarden
CDL Kindergarden is looking for students to help them run some of their Christmas art and craft activities. The activities will run from 9:00 - 12:00 and 1:00 and 3:00, so if you have any free periods during this time and are in need of some CAS hour (More)
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