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Study weekend!!
It is a pleasure to see the girls helping each other 🙂   More)
Finalement le printemps est à nos portes 😀
Carla has found the best place to study, enjoying the good weather. LY7's girls are studying hard these days! Keep up the good work!! More)
The Blanket Dance - LY7
It has been a fun week doing the talent show video at Louis Yung 7. Girls have shown a positive attitude to work together sewing blankets and dancing. Well done girls!! [video width="848" height="480" mp4="http://blogs.cdl.ch/louisyung7/files/2018 (More)
Pumpkin carving in LY7 😀
A day as a boarder in CDL
Have you ever wondered how a day unfolds for a border here at CDL on a practical level? Well, we now have a fantastic video to show you what an average day is like... With our girls and boys! Filmed here! On a real, normal day! We would be happy t (More)
Master Chef, here we come
This afternoon, the kitchen was in full action! Yvonne with Michelle, then helped also by Jiusi, Katia, Runa, prepared a fabulous Chinese menu for the Master Chef House Competition: fried and steamed dumplings as a starter, followed by sweet and sour (More)
An afternoon with a real "Pizzaiolo"
Everybody please meet Salvatore, the House parent of Champs des Bois (primary boarding House). One of his passions is making pizza, and actually preparing  A LOT of pizza for everybody to enjoy! So this is what he did yesterday: 9 huge pizzas which t (More)
Shopping for the Master Chef competition!
We are getting ready to cook and present a menu to a very special jury of four! And this is how the shopping went in Versoix... More)
Halloween and Katia's 18th Birthday!!!
Good evening, We had a October Halloween dress up between the boarders after they came back from the holidays.. Everyone dressed up super nice and we took several pictures. More)
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