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Raspberry Pi
Raspberry-Pi-SJ-sbrf95-1n0ymw0 RPI word document     with WLAN More)
My first montage
wevideo.com It was so (More)
Web based editing tools
pixlr.com Original picture Edited picture More)
I made a mosaic in computer graphics class using photoshop. I pasted same pictures with different filters. You can see the difference of each effects. I will (More)
My header
The header of my blog is a picture of swiss alps made into dots:) (More)
1. Edit I applied two filters on photoshop. The picture on the top is the original one. I applied both filters I used on the second and third one. The picture on the bottom is the final edited result! More)
Hour of Code Recap
Last week we spent our computer graphics class to do Hour of Code. Here's what I did. More)
Hour of Code
We are doing Hour of Code in Computer Graphics class as December 7-13 is the international Computer Science Education Week! Through this project, I would like to learn computer programming like making games. It is great to be able to command your (More)
-Supreme Google Webfonts(Appearance): Make it possible to change the font and size in the post. -Accessbility (Appearance) : Provides options to improve accessibility.   Link to CDL homepage → More)
Internet Safety
Have you ever thought of being in trouble for what you've done on the Internet? Internet is a very nice convenient tool if you use it correctly but if you are not aware of what it can cause you could get in trouble. Do you confirm a friend request f (More)
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