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We are ranking THIRD in the House Competition!
... And we owe a big "thank you" to Katia, who won the Ski Competition in Crans-Montana last week-end! We also finished third in the "Furor" compet (More)
The second fantastic week-end in Crans-Montana
Last Friday all the Boarding Houses moved to Crans-Montana for the week-end again. The weather was fabulous! The snow was very good! And all the Ecureuil girls enjoyed two and a half days of fun and sports and friendship in a spectacular setting 🙂 (More)
The February break is starting soon!
In Villa Ecureuil everybody is getting ready for the upcoming break... Someone will leave the country to go and meet her family back home, someone will travel to a holiday destination somewhere else in the world (maybe a warm and sunny place?), while (More)
The beauty of being in Switzerland
There are some activities, some views, some experiences that are pretty unique here. The two pictures below are examples of the beauty of this country and of nature at its (very cold) best! Last week-end some boarders went walking in the snow with hu (More)
Another week-end
It was my 3rd time in Crans-Montana, but the first time skiing this year... Finally I got to ride \"normally\". There is nothing easier than skiing! I don\'t fill comfortable snowboarding. All the small hills on the slopes were mine ;). Time passes s (More)
Interview - Natalia Kuleshova on Crans-Montana, part 2
Elena: Hello Natalia! So tell us something about your second ski week-end in Crans-Montana! Did something particularly exciting happen? Natali (More)
Interview to Natalia Kuleshova, our \"eyes and ears\" in Crans-Montana!
Monday afternoon, January 20th: I am sitting in Villa Ecureuil with Natalia, who participated to the first CDL ski week-end of this winter season. All our audience is very curious to know about the ski condition up there and about... anything else wo (More)
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