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Great performance at the Talent Show tonight!
The fantastic four Ecureuil girls performed live on stage tonight during the  2017 Talent Show - a fun version of "Jingle Bells"! Here you can see some photos of their preparation and then... on stage! More)
Welcome to the new Ecureuil girls!
A belated welcome message to inform you that our House has now reached full capacity, thanks to the arrival of Karolina and Maria Alejandra! Respectively from Poland a (More)
We love our House Hoodies!
Shopping for the Master Chef competition!
We are getting ready to cook and present a menu to a very special jury of four! And this is how the shopping went in Versoix... More)
Pumpkins galore! - with a "twist"
Tonight pumpkin carving was the activity after dinner: each boarder got busy with preparing his or her own pumpkin in order to decorate the school campus. However, the new idea was to also participate to this with a special outfit or make-up on... An (More)
As of today...
Yes! And we are full of energy and ready to finish this marking period and begin the next - and then so much more will happen! Stay tu (More)
Weekend of Happiness
Good afternoon, This weekend the girls from our House did a lot of things: A few of girls, Katia, Muzoon, Rina and Runa went to EuropaPark; Paola went to see her family in Paris and others just stayed in Geneva and had a relaxing weekend, studyin (More)
Relaxing weekend
Last weekend most of the boarders in Ecureuil had a relaxing time. Some of them went to Geneva, some to Milano and south of France. They were nice enough to share some pictures with me... More)
Last week-end, a couple of the g (More)
Here we are!
The arrival of the Ecureuil boarders and the beginning of this life experience together always brings beautiful moments - and there definitely is a very beautiful atmosphere in the House, created by the presence of so many different cultures, habits, (More)
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