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A quiet but "full" week-end
Many things happened during this (late) spring week-end... Our great Ingrid was accepted to Ecole Hôteliere de Lausanne! YAHOOO!! Congratulations! Now... just less than two weeks of hard work and then off to some well-deserved holidays for you! (More)
A beautiful Graduation Ceremony today!
This morning, at the Théâtre du Léman in Geneva, the CDL Graduation Ceremony took place - such a great moment for us all! The biggest number of graduates for CDL so far, can you believe it? And the fantastic Ecureuil ladies were there among the many. (More)
Boarding Awards ceremony
Yesterday afternoon the Boarding Awards ceremony took place in our Auditorium in order to aknowledge the great performace of many of the Collège du Léman boarders. Three categories were mentioned: boarding House life, boarding activites, academics (More)
Our week-ends are full!
Yes! So many things are happening on and off campus during the week-end! And the Ecureuil girls are participating to many different activities... Here are some highlights from the last February week-end: More)
Happy "spring" break from us!
This is Villa Ecureuil today! Very appropriate for a "ski break" 🙂 Enjoy your well-deserved holiday, Ecureuil ladies, and see you soon! (More)
A fun night at the Christmas Dance!
It was a really beautiful evening! Lots of wonderful dresses and outfits, hairdos, high heels, smart guys and good food... What else can you ask for? It was a time for talking, laughing, taking LOTS of photos (there was even a CDL Photo Booth!), a (More)
Open House in Villa Ecureuil today!
A group of very nice teachers came to visit our Boarding House this afternoon. This is a tradition that started not too long ago, but we are all growing to love it! It is a chance for teachers to get to see the boarders in their environment and to un (More)
This morning....
This is the view from my window! 1 degree C. and a very silent atmosphere... Beautiful!   (More)
TEDx event on Saturday!
I had the great chance to go to the TEDx event that was organized last Saturday with some of the CDL boarders - among whom, a great representation of the Ecureuil girls! This TEDx event was organized by four prestigious Boarding Schools in Switzer (More)
New hoodies spotted in CDL!
  Today we received our new hoodies for the 2015-2016 academic year! The majority o (More)
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