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Happy new Persian year!
Did you know that the Persian new year, Nowruz, is celebrated on March 21? I have only known for the last two years, because our Nilgoun is from Iran and this year, too, she had the possibility to celebrate the new year with her family, who came to v (More)
\'tis time for goodbyes!
It is Friday, December 19, and there are only two people left in Villa Ecureuil: Ingrid, who will take her flight tomorrow morning (very early!) and myself... This means that almost all the Ecureuil girls have reached their destination: home for t (More)
Merry Christmas!
Well, guys, it is time for the last post in 2013… I think all of us were able to overcome different life circumstances this year: from great misfortunes to glorious victories. I hope that good memories will stay in your mind making you smile every ti (More)
Soon we\'ll be on vacation
Soon it will be vacation time, we all going back home. And it is really nice for everyone , we are going to see our family and friends . Finally relax and won\'t think about homework and exams... Almost! However, during the vacation we will still nee (More)
Going, going... gone!
In Villa Ecureuil at 19:30 on Friday, Oct 18, I am the only one in the main house...! And Elina & Emily are the only two students left in the Annex. The time has arrived for everybody to enjoy the first break of this 2013-2014 academic year!! (More)
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