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Mexican Dinner!
Tonight we enjoyed an amazing Mexican dinner with a fajita feast and musical entertainment! More)
Chinese new year dinner
Last Friday night a dinner at a local Chinese restaurant was organized by CDL to celebrate the Chinese New Year - the Year of the Rooster! It was a great night out, a good chance to spend time with friends and management on an informal... and yumm (More)
Did you know that...
November is Pomegranate Month? The Pomegranate has been with us for a very long time, stretching back through history to its first recorded appearance in Ancient Egypt, where it was used for the treatment of various infections and even tapeworm. W (More)
Master Chef, here we come
This afternoon, the kitchen was in full action! Yvonne with Michelle, then helped also by Jiusi, Katia, Runa, prepared a fabulous Chinese menu for the Master Chef House Competition: fried and steamed dumplings as a starter, followed by sweet and sour (More)
An afternoon with a real "Pizzaiolo"
Everybody please meet Salvatore, the House parent of Champs des Bois (primary boarding House). One of his passions is making pizza, and actually preparing  A LOT of pizza for everybody to enjoy! So this is what he did yesterday: 9 huge pizzas which t (More)
The kitchen is always a happy place
Tonight the miracle of baking yummy cookies happened again in the Villa Ecureuil kitchen... And chocolate cookies at that! Jiusi prepared a good quantity of chocolate and chocolate-chip cookies which will be sold tomorrow in school to gather money fo (More)
Four Ecureuil girls back from EuropaPark!
A trip to EuropaPark was organized for three girls' boarding Houses, and four of our boarders went to spend 1 and a half days in Germany to enjoy this fabulous leisure park, which is not far from the border with the German-speaking canton of Switzerl (More)
Happy new Persian year!
Did you know that the Persian new year, Nowruz, is celebrated on March 21? I have only known for the last two years, because our Nilgoun is from Iran and this year, too, she had the possibility to celebrate the new year with her family, who came to v (More)
St. Patrick's day is today! We are going green!
Saint Patrick is the patron saint and national apostle of Ireland. He is credited with bringing christianity to Ireland. Most of what is (More)
Friday is cooking day!
Among the many things that boarders in Villa Ecureuil enjoy doing on a late Friday afternoon there is... cooking! It feels a lot like "home" to cook something for oneself, and here you can see Ingrid happily cooking the time away to prepare herself a (More)
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