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A day as a boarder in CDL
Have you ever wondered how a day unfolds for a border here at CDL on a practical level? Well, we now have a fantastic video to show you what an average day is like... With our girls and boys! Filmed here! On a real, normal day! We would be happy t (More)
Weekend of Happiness
Good afternoon, This weekend the girls from our House did a lot of things: A few of girls, Katia, Muzoon, Rina and Runa went to EuropaPark; Paola went to see her family in Paris and others just stayed in Geneva and had a relaxing weekend, studyin (More)
What a weekend!!
Good afternoon, For this weekend, we had couple of pictures that were sent from the Ecureuil boarders. Here is the first picture from (More)
Last week-end, a couple of the g (More)
The Escalade... What is it?
If one lives in the area of Geneva, it is impossible to miss the Escalade race - which, by the way, just took place on Saturday Dec. 5 and in which many CDL students participated. However, the real "Escalade" festival is happening this week-end! L (More)
Car show!
Incredibly enough 😉 some of our girls are fans of beautiful, powerful cars, so they joined a big group of CDL boarders to go and visit the Car Show in Geneva last week-end. Amazing cars! I bet that anyone would have enjoyed walking around such be (More)
Geneva Time
There are a lot of things boarders can do in Geneva on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons! For example, during my free time, while it\'s still warm I like to walk the streets of the Old Town. There are many interesting churches and museums there. (More)
My week-end
I want to share with you my experience of going from Geneva to Versoix on roller-skates. First of all, google lies about the time it takes you. It is only around an hour, no more than that; on the other hand, it is actually better, because it is not (More)
Geneva Time!!!
Every weekend in Geneva. But what is it like... See more of our videos on our YouTube page- CLICK HERE (More)
Do you need Eco/Green hours?
Dear Friends of Serve the City Geneva, We have a couple of events scheduled to correspond with World Clean Up Day and wanted to invite you to sign up for one of the events. A.  We are looking for a few energetic cleaners to help clear some of t (More)
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