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Study leave - it has begun!
In Villa Ecureuil there are many grade-12 students, actually the majority: 10 out of 14. Of these 10, one is a student in the French section (this means she will stay until the end of the school year...), while all the others are getting ready for th (More)
Behind the scenes...
A few days ago we received Mr. Romolo in our Boarding House to work on a special project: a video where all grade-12 would talk and express themselves in order to send a message to their fellow boarders, those who are not at the end of their high sch (More)
Keep your cool...
    Yep! We are at that special time/moment/phase of the school year... You can see the calendar marking the end of the month (and on May 30 the CDL gradu (More)
The grade-12 study leave is just behind the corner...
T (More)
Yes, \"tomorrow... you\'re only a day away\", as a (very) old song used to go. And tomorrow is the Big Day: grade-12 exams start!! And in our Boarding House, it means that 9 girls out of 14 will be under an exceptional amount of stress! Adrenalin ove (More)
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