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Halloween and Katia's 18th Birthday!!!
Good evening, We had a October Halloween dress up between the boarders after they came back from the holidays.. Everyone dressed up super nice and we took several pictures. More)
We love our ritual! Pumpkin Carving 2015
Here are some pictures of creative dedication to... Halloween! Tonight lots of pumpkins were carved and spread around campus to create the right atmosphere for October 31! More)
In CDL we\'ll celebrate Halloween tomorrow. It\'s a funny day when everyone has fun. You can be who you want. Someone can choose to be something from the animal world such as mouse, a giraffe, a panda and more like this. Someone can decide to be  a q (More)
Halloween is just behind the corner...!
And at CDL we renew our famous tradition of PUMPKIN CARVING! Tonight over two hundred students got busy in order to create their own versions of the \"scary pumpkin\"... and it went from this... More)
The hands resist him
Halloween is gone but threatful stories and things are still surrounding us in every day life. Few days ago I found  commentaries about one strange painting, drawn by American artist Bill Stoneham in 1972  called \"The hands resist him\". According t (More)
Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween- we decorated our house for the occasion. Click to enlarge More)
Pumpkin Carving
Last night we had an amazing evening cutting, gutting, scraping, slicing, designing and creating pumpkin lanterns! A new experience for many this traditional festive affaire sees children carving out the inners of pumpkins and cutting out shapes i (More)
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