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Pre-birthday celebration for Anastasia!
Tonight we enjoyed a delicious cake in order to... "pre-celebrate" Anastasia's birthday, which is actually next Friday. Nineteen years old! And about to finish her IB adventure here at Collège du Léman! Our best wishes for a great birthday, Nastia (More)
Time to take a break!
Our Easter holidays began yesterday, with classes officially ending in the afternoon. Today Villa Ecureuil feels very silent and empty - onl (More)
Friday is cooking day!
Among the many things that boarders in Villa Ecureuil enjoy doing on a late Friday afternoon there is... cooking! It feels a lot like "home" to cook something for oneself, and here you can see Ingrid happily cooking the time away to prepare herself a (More)
Happy birthday Paola!
Tonight we celebrated Paola's seventeenth birthday with a delicious yet unusual treat: a pizza pie! Paola loves pizza and this was her wish 🙂 Happy happy birthday from all of us, Paolita! More)
Happy birthday Vera!
Tonight we had a very good reason to celebrate: Vera turned 19! She really is THE senior student in the House 🙂 Many wishes from all of us in Villa Ecureuil! (More)
What can make you happy? Cats!
Oh, stop it, you can\'t deny the cuteness of the American Curl. You can also  guess that this breed is characterized by its unusual ears. Moreover, I assume that this is the reason they are called \"Curls\". Still wondering why is it not a well-known (More)
Natasha`s Birthday
It is my friend Natasha\'s birthday today! And I am happy to celebrate her 18th anniversary with her:) In fact, Natasha is a wonderful girl with a nice sense of humor and who sings about everything that she sees! ^^ To my lovely Natasha :-* (More)
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