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Christmas Break
The first term has drawn to a close and the girls are slowly leaving New Portena and heading back to their family and friends for a well deserved break. The past few months have flown by with the girls showing dedication to their studies as well as e (More)
Happy birthday Jiusi!
Today Jiusi turned 18! We celebrated with a surprise dinner party that was also a way to say goodbye before the Christmas holidays... All the best to you, Jiusi 🙂 More)
Wishing you all a fantastic summer!
The end of the academic year is... two days away! As usual, we are all in the midst of an emotional storm: tired, happy, excited, busy. "Exams are over but the grades are not out yet!" - "Do I need three or four trunks to pack all my things?" - "Will (More)
Mother Ocean day - May 10!
Mother Ocean Day is relatively a new celebration, as it was introduced for the first time in 2013. It is a c (More)
Time to take a break!
Our Easter holidays began yesterday, with classes officially ending in the afternoon. Today Villa Ecureuil feels very silent and empty - onl (More)
Happy new year...
As of today, all the Ecureuil boarders are back in the House! Full of energy, with lots of tales about their holidays 🙂 What I heard so fa (More)
Words of goodbye... the summer holidays are here!
\"This year passed too fast, but it was full of unforgettable moments and memories. It was sad when girls from 12 grade, who had become so close, left. But it was an incredible feeling to see them graduating and realise that we\'ll be in their place (More)
Welcome back!
Our students just came back from Florida!!! They had a wonderful time on the school trip. They enjoyed the cities, the theme parks, the wild nature, the ocean, NASA, the hotels and most of all the large food portions!!! More)
Easter break!
Dear everyone, The Easter break is here and we wish you all a lovely holiday wherever you go, whatever you do! As for us (Ali, Amir & Mohamed) we will send you pictures from Floridaaaaa! More)
\'tis time for goodbyes!
It is Friday, December 19, and there are only two people left in Villa Ecureuil: Ingrid, who will take her flight tomorrow morning (very early!) and myself... This means that almost all the Ecureuil girls have reached their destination: home for t (More)
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