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A bit of nostalgia... and pride!
Today I called a former Ecureuil young lady, Inna, who just finished her Swiss Maturité exams at the end of August/beginning of September. I wanted to congratulate her because she was given the best grades among all the CDL students in her final e (More)
We have a Top Student in the House!!
This is to congratulate Inna on her performance... She was here from the beginning of August, revising and sitting final exams, and what a result! She was the best overall (More)
Inna, welcome back!
My roommate is finally back! After her exams in August, she had a two-week break. While I was working hard, she was chilling in her motherland! Message for Inna: YOU forgot my COOKIES from Russia! More)
Yesterday night we were reunited again to celebrate Inna\'s 17th birthday!! Many many super-duper wishes from all of us :)... And as usual the cake was very yummy! (More)
Russian dinner tonight 🙂
As usual on Thursdays, we had a \"theme dinner\" tonight, and our beautiful cooks (you can see our Inna and Yulia in the picture) helped and supervised t (More)
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