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This weekend saw the introduction of a new Saturday activity: choir. Celine, Romina, Helen, Natalina, Olivia and Scarlett all took part and loved it - maybe we have a New Portena girl band in the making! More)
We are ranking THIRD in the House Competition!
... And we owe a big "thank you" to Katia, who won the Ski Competition in Crans-Montana last week-end! We also finished third in the "Furor" compet (More)
Charity event tomorrow night
We have so many great event organizers in school... and it is particularly good to see that this quality is used to help those who are in need. Tomorrow night don't miss a fantastic get-together, full of music, dance, art and joy - in the Eiger au (More)
SOA Rocks on Friday night!
Come and join us for this fabulous High School concert supporting our Serenje Orphans Appeal on Friday night! Great music guaranteed 🙂 All f (More)
Teachers in Villa Ecureuil!
Musical: from West End to Broadway 42nd
Musical is an act of collaboration: a theatrical production that contains songs, dialogue, dance and music. Rise and fall of storyline laid out along the sentimental content of the pieces – wit, passion, love, and fury – are all conveyed through the (More)
Good music = happy me
I recently discovered a young singer, Jhene Aiko, who seems to becoming more popular in ever-changing and expanding music industry. Personally, I am not the biggest fan of songs which have too many words, I prefer something quite simple like a Lounge (More)
Did ZOA rock?
Last Saturday night, music lovers and ZOA supporters joined together to attend ZOA Rock at Les Caves de Bon-Sejour, a comfortably-sized bar right down the street from College du Leman. Walking down the stairs, I handed my ticket to the ZOA volunte (More)
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