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Volunteer with WWF switzerland
Volunteer with WWF Switzerland: Volunteer at their regional offices in Gland More)
Volunteering with RSPB outside the UK
If you want to take part in a conservation project and experience life in another country, these are the roles for you. From bird monitoring in Asia to installing artificial nests in Bulgaria or training birdwatchers in Africa, you're sure to have (More)
WWF volunteers help wolves by helping shepherds !
The main aim is to improve acceptance of predators such as wolves, bears and lynx in the alpine range. This will be done by helping alpine farmers reduce predation damage through herd protection measures. An extra goal is to increase the understandin (More)
EnviroTrek Clean Up Series 2012 - Respect the mountain
Envirotrek Series 2012 Respect the Mountains organizes in cooperation with main sponsor KEEN Footwear the third edition of the Enviro (More)
New opportunities with ASK
ASK is currently recruiting student volunteers for our 2012 Spring/Summer Programs. This Spring we are organising Peer Mentoring and Monthly Kids and Teens Socials, as well as preparing for our Geneva and Leysin Summer Camps. Peer Mentoring (More)
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