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EnviroTrek Clean Up Series 2012 - Respect the mountain
Envirotrek Series 2012 Respect the Mountains organizes in cooperation with main sponsor KEEN Footwear the third edition of the Enviro (More)
CAS/REACH hours still available
If you are still looking for CAS and REACH hours there are still opportunities at the Art Department taking an inventory of their books. Please contact Valerie.DUVIEUSART@cdl.ch. (More)
New opportunities with ASK
ASK is currently recruiting student volunteers for our 2012 Spring/Summer Programs. This Spring we are organising Peer Mentoring and Monthly Kids and Teens Socials, as well as preparing for our Geneva and Leysin Summer Camps. Peer Mentoring (More)
Volunteers wanted for Parent-Teacher Meetings
Needs Responsible Citizenship hours? If so come and sign up in the High School office for Parent-Teachers day. We are looking for student volunteers to carry out a number of tasks, including: welcoming parents to the school, handing out and (More)
Do you need Eco/Green hours?
Dear Friends of Serve the City Geneva, We have a couple of events scheduled to correspond with World Clean Up Day and wanted to invite you to sign up for one of the events. A.  We are looking for a few energetic cleaners to help clear some of t (More)
Serve the City Geneva
As you have experienced recently the temperatures have been plummeting well below zero. A bitter cold is gripping the whole Eu (More)
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