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Sunday is Brunch day!
Sundays are - by definition - days that invite to relax, take things easy... And our brunch is exactly made for that! In our school canteen in the Léman building, brunch starts at 9:30 and lasts until 11:30, and there is a very good buffet of vari (More)
A quiet but "full" week-end
Many things happened during this (late) spring week-end... Our great Ingrid was accepted to Ecole Hôteliere de Lausanne! YAHOOO!! Congratulations! Now... just less than two weeks of hard work and then off to some well-deserved holidays for you! (More)
International Motor Show!
Today our boarders went to the Geneva Motor Show... In our House, Elizaveta and Nilgoun decided to get up early and join the others to be there and see the last day of the Show. Everybody left at 8:30, which is no small sacrifice on a Sunday morning! (More)
Sunday cupcakes
Well, just in case last night's dinner was not enough... Ingrid prepared some delicious comfort food today: chocolate cupcakes!! (More)
Today is Sunday and nobody wants to go anywhere. It\'s pleasant to seat in the grass behind our wonderful Boarding House and read an interesting book. Sometimes we really need to be in some magical world that we can only find in the pages. More)
On Sunday I went to the lake with my friend. It was so relaxing just to lie down and enjoy the beautiful day. [caption id=\"attachment_1466\" align=\"alignnone\" wi (More)
A quiet Sunday afternoon...
Here Sunday afternoon can often look like this... No, let me correct myself: here Sunday afternoons can look like this when the sun is shining!!  Starting to prepare the space o (More)
Have a great Sunday everybody!
It is such a beautiful day today - again!! As you can see, it is a bit of a lazy Sunday, too - nobody in the garden yet 😉 but after enjoying our Sunday brunch it is fanta (More)
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