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The second fantastic week-end in Crans-Montana
Last Friday all the Boarding Houses moved to Crans-Montana for the week-end again. The weather was fabulous! The snow was very good! And all the Ecureuil girls enjoyed two and a half days of fun and sports and friendship in a spectacular setting 🙂 (More)
Teachers in Villa Ecureuil!
A quiet Sunday afternoon...
Here Sunday afternoon can often look like this... No, let me correct myself: here Sunday afternoons can look like this when the sun is shining!!  Starting to prepare the space o (More)
My week-end
I want to share with you my experience of going from Geneva to Versoix on roller-skates. First of all, google lies about the time it takes you. It is only around an hour, no more than that; on the other hand, it is actually better, because it is not (More)
Interview to Natalia Kuleshova, our \"eyes and ears\" in Crans-Montana!
Monday afternoon, January 20th: I am sitting in Villa Ecureuil with Natalia, who participated to the first CDL ski week-end of this winter season. All our audience is very curious to know about the ski condition up there and about... anything else wo (More)
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