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Open House in Villa Ecureuil today!
A group of very nice teachers came to visit our Boarding House this afternoon. This is a tradition that started not too long ago, but we are all growing to love it! It is a chance for teachers to get to see the boarders in their environment and to un (More)
Au revoir party 😉
Teachers in Villa Ecureuil!
1st part of cooking
Next Tuesday our teachers are coming to Villa Ecureuil... Of course, we are going surprise them with our cooking skills! That\'s why we are starting the creation of our Su (More)
Did ZOA rock?
Last Saturday night, music lovers and ZOA supporters joined together to attend ZOA Rock at Les Caves de Bon-Sejour, a comfortably-sized bar right down the street from College du Leman. Walking down the stairs, I handed my ticket to the ZOA volunte (More)
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