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Weekend of Happiness
Good afternoon, This weekend the girls from our House did a lot of things: A few of girls, Katia, Muzoon, Rina and Runa went to EuropaPark; Paola went to see her family in Paris and others just stayed in Geneva and had a relaxing weekend, studyin (More)
Four Ecureuil girls back from EuropaPark!
A trip to EuropaPark was organized for three girls' boarding Houses, and four of our boarders went to spend 1 and a half days in Germany to enjoy this fabulous leisure park, which is not far from the border with the German-speaking canton of Switzerl (More)
What a weekend!!
Good afternoon, For this weekend, we had couple of pictures that were sent from the Ecureuil boarders. Here is the first picture from (More)
Relaxing weekend
Last weekend most of the boarders in Ecureuil had a relaxing time. Some of them went to Geneva, some to Milano and south of France. They were nice enough to share some pictures with me... More)
Our week-ends are full!
Yes! So many things are happening on and off campus during the week-end! And the Ecureuil girls are participating to many different activities... Here are some highlights from the last February week-end: More)
A week-end in the Lake District
I went to the Lake District for the first time, for a very special reason 🙂 , and I was so impressed by the beauty of those hills and lakes and also by the warm hospitality of the \"locals\"!! The famous poet Wordsworth lived there, in Grasmere, (More)
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