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Welcome to the new Ecureuil girls!
A belated welcome message to inform you that our House has now reached full capacity, thanks to the arrival of Karolina and Maria Alejandra! Respectively from Poland a (More)
Here is Yvonne, welcome again!
Here she is, our latest acquisition 🙂  We are looking forward to spending time, studying, doing activities... and discovering Swi (More)
Surprise! Yvonne is here
Today a new boarder arrived in Villa Ecureuil! Yvonne is from China and joined our boarding family this afternoon - she will be a member of (More)
Welcome Enkhlin!
Finally... finally... our long-awaited Ecureuil member has arrived! Enkhlin is from Mongolia and joined us last Sunday. She is still a bit shy so she prefers not to be photographed yet... but it will come soon! It is her first experience away f (More)
Welcome Elizaveta!
Here she is, the latest addition to the Ecureuil team! Elizaveta arrived last Saturday night straight from Russia. She speaks perfect English and spent two years studying in a high school in California, USA, which means she brings lots of experience (More)
Welcome from Leman 2
Hello Family and Friends Welcome to our Leman 2 blog. This is where we will share with you all the fun activities and events that happen within our Boarding House. We will (More)
Hello from Leman 2
Hello and welcome from Leman 2 (probably the best boarding house in CDL). We are excited to be soon launching our new blog. It will be updated frequently by the students and we will do our best to keep you all informed about life in Leman 2. We wi (More)
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