ZOA Trip 2012

Activity name: ZOA Trip 2012

Activity duration:  Meetings every Tuesday MB211 at 4pm

Date of offer: 30th June to 19th July 2012 in Zambia

Outline of activity with a description:   The group flies to Lusaka and then travels by chartered coach to Serenje, Northern Zambia. They stay in a local secure Guesthouse and work for 10 days at the orphanage known as the ‘Serenje Orphans Childrens Home’ (SOCH). Information about the orphanage and some of the activities carried out by past groups, can be seen here: www.zoaonline.org

Qualifications: No prior qualifications needed but a commitment to the ZOA charity has to be made and a willingness to take part in activities throughout the year to raise money for the orphanage and awareness of the situation of millions of orphans throughout Africa.

Target age group: 15 to 18 years old

Costs: A maximum cost of CHF 4000 – depending on costs of flights.

For further information please contact: Kevin Gilbert (Kevin.gilbert@cdl.ch) or Ryan Blyth (ryan.blyth@cdl.ch).

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