Cuisine à thèmes

Activity name: Cuisine à thèmes (Desserts, plats typique, entrées.) 


Activity duration: one term but if the activity progresses well I will think about doing it for the three terms.

Date of offer: from 4pm to 5:15pm on Mondays from 24th October

Outline of activity with a description: This activity will be the occasion for students to show cooking talents and present recipes from their country. Every month the teacher will choose a new theme for this activity for example:

  • November : desserts
  • December : Christmas themed dishes
  • Monthly student recipes from his/her country
  • It will also be an occasion for the students to work on their French vocabulary because the activity will most of the time be in French.

Qualifications: The students from all sections are welcomed in this activity if they already have bases in French (Minimum one year of French already done). Maximum 10 students.

Target age group: 15 to 18 years old

Location: Kitchen (possibly in the school, to be confirmed). Students will need an apron and a little notebook to write some recipes and vocabulary words.

Please contact Madame LONGHI-CASTELLINO by email : for further information.