WWF volunteers help wolves by helping shepherds !

The main aim is to improve acceptance of predators such as wolves, bears and lynx in the alpine range. This will be done by helping alpine farmers reduce predation damage through herd protection measures. An extra goal is to increase the understanding of these species in both city and mountain-dwellers.

Successful herd protection is essential

The re-colonization of Switzerland by lynx, bears and wolves can cause problems for the local population. The implementation of specific herd protection measures can significantly reduce the frequency and severity of attacks by the large carnivores. Furthermore the maintenance of traditional shepherding can benefit the ecological quality of high mountain pastures and forests. Protection measures however, are often frowned upon by herd owners because they require additional work and expenditure.

Herd protection measures need help!

WWF volunteers will attend an introduction course. They will then be allocated to a farm for a period of time. During this period they will implement protection measures in accordance with a scheme developed in France called “PastoraLoup”. The volunteer’s role is to actively participate in the daily work routine: they will spend the night outdoors with the guarding dogs to stand watch over the herd; they will inform tourists on the role of guarding dogs and will explain which behaviours to adopt when encountering one. Volunteers will also help raise protective fencing in specific areas. An unforgettable experience. Nights spent out in the open, long walks following the herd in beautiful mountain ranges: volunteers will experience both the joys and hardships of a shepherd’s life. Participating in the ‘Help the shepherd’ programme is a concrete action you can take. You will help the environment, by promoting sustainable farming, and you will facilitate the wolves’ return to the Alps. It is also an extraordinary adventure!

If you are interested in particiapting in this incredible opportunity: http://www.wwf.ch/fr/cequevouspouvezfaire/soyezactifs/devenezbenevole/aideauxbergers/ or if you interested in the French equivalent http://www.ferus.fr/benevolat/pastoraloup.

2011 Gift Box Appeal

MADS is again organising the gift box appeal for the High School and Second Cycle.
The boxes go to underprivileged children in schools and orphanages in Eastern Europe such as Belarus.
  • The boxes must be unisex
  • For children aged 4-14. 
  • It is essential that each box contains all of the items included in the attached list and in approximately the quantities given.
Boxes can be left in CR215 until November 23rd. Each box must have one of the labels with the items ticked attached to each box.
For more information please follow this link or email caroline.ross@cdl.ch

Global Youth Conference 2011

17 – 19 October 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

9 am to 4:30 pm, Institute National Genevois


3 days – Effects of climate change, new energies, nanotechnologies and the law, positive action and more.


  1. To send a message to negotiators at COP 17 in Durban
  2. To plan together for future action – RIO+20 and more

Discussion now for action in the future.

For more information go to:  www.earthfocusfoundation.org

Come to MADS meetings on Tuesday from 13.00 to 14.00 in room CR215 or email caroline.ross@cdl.ch