Calling All Photographers

Mrs Gilbert needs photographers to take pictures during end of year concerts at the following times:

22nd November        18.30 Eiger Aud  All Choirs and Bands:  St Cecialia’s Day Concert

6th December:           18.00 and 19.30  All Gr4ade 7 / 5ème perform Winter Concert.  All Singing and all Playing!

12th December:         18.30 private Lessons Recital.  Eiger Aud

12, 13, 14 December 9.45 Pre School Concerts in Eiger Aud.

For further information on how you can earn your service or creative hours please contact: or

New York by Frank Rimmer

There is a play being put on by CDL drama department and they are looking for students to help with the production. These are the way that students could get involved for CAS or REACH. We will then arrange a meeting for those who want to help.

  • SET DESIGN (art students, graphic design)
  • Ticket sale/ charity event raise money for ZOA? (man power and come up with and implement ways to promote the show in school raising money for charity.

Email Mr Penrose at or Mr Abbate at