Awards ceremony

Tonight was our awards ceremony to mark the end of the first marking period of the school year.

Huge congratulations are due to three of our house:

  • Alexey Baryshev was given a medal for his eagerness to participate in as many extra curricular activities as he can squeeze around his studies.
  • Mauro Yin was given a medal for his excellent attitude towards boarding life.
  • Vladimir Rebrik was awarded the prize for the best academic performance in Champs des Bois.

I should also add that these are just three snippets of lots of great stuff the boys are achieving in Champs des Bois. I am constantly impressed by their ability to keep up with the busy social, sporting, artistic and of course academic schedules that are asked of them at CdL.

Well done boys – great job!

Changing seasons

Today the first thing I heard in the morning was the sound of drops of rain hitting the trees. We are in the beginning of winter, so as you can see in the pictures the leaves are starting to fall from the trees. Fortunately in a couple of weeks it is going to snow, and I hope that Champ Des Bois will have a SNOWBALL FIGHT!



Disneyland and welcome to Akhmad.

This weekend we went to Disneyland in Paris, it was really fun to go there with my friends and we had a lot of fun there.

I really enjoyed the rides we went on.

We also have a new guy in the house who’s name is Akhmad, He loves to play football and he is really sporty.

I am really looking forward to playing football in our garden with him.

Graffiti night

This evening, we had a great experience making some graffiti art for the Christmas dance. I had a lot of fun together with my friends.

Elisa from Meritas, Assem from Ferrari and Juliana from Meritas came along to introduce this activity to us. Thank you so much for the help. We were all really pleased with our decorations. We are looking forward to seeing our art and seeing you at the dance.


Welcome Sasha!

This is my new room-mate Sashka. I like him very much, because he is a good and funny person. He is very positive and he is always shining like a star. I’m really happy that he moved into my room. I think he will enjoy living in Champs de Bois because its a very positive house (just like him) with good guys living here. I am really happy that he moved into my room  !! 🙂 !!