For the whole school week, the weather was really nice as you can see from the pictures below and we’ve been enjoying it. Also we were pretty excited about going rafting this Sunday. However the weather got worse and its raining from yesterday until today without stopping, so we have decided to go to the cinema instead to watch an amazing movie – Ironman 3!

Winners of the Talent Show

We are very pleased to have our hands on the trophy!!! ¬†Everytime we see the trophy it reminds us of all the hardwork we have been through. It’s nice to see the actual reward in our house. I’m going to try to get it again next year in my new boarding house. I want to say a huge thanks to Mr Robertson, without him we would not have got this far, he had the idea and he also edited the video.


New rooms

After having wonderful Easter holidays, we encountered a huge surprise – our rooms were completely changed in the course of 2 weeks and only a few people could recognise their old rooms – they have become much comfier and they have acquired much more storage space, so there will be much less mess in them. It is a shame, however, that some people did not get any new furniture, their room will be a kitchen next year!

A huge thank you to Mr Usher for giving us the new look of the rooms, we love them!