Happy Halloween!!!

Happy halloween everybody!

The campus is currently alive with pumpkins skilfully carved by our boarders! On Tuesday evening we all got our hands dirty and enjoyed what has become an annual event at CdL – it was great fun as always. Tonight the boys will have the option to go to the high school halloween dance which I am sure will feature some of their handy work as decoration!

Home time!

Incredible … the first break is with us already!

The boys have all had a great start to their year at College du Leman and I know they have all been looking forward to this week to head home and abroad to meet up with their friends and families.

I hope you all have a fabulous time together and I look forward to hearing all the tales of adventure when everybody gets back!

Some of you might remember this light painting e did last year to send a message home.


This year the activities have changed so that we can choose our own activities every day. I am doing archery, biking, and learning Japanese as well as all my other studies. Some of the other guys in the house are also doing some sculpture, football, golf and mentoring the primary pupils in chess and sports.

This is really good because we get to do the activities we really enjoy and spend more time with our friends from other boarding houses.

Here is Alexey showing off his archery skills!

Petanque Championships

After brunch our boarding house went cycling for couple of kilometers to a petanque field.

We had a nice pic-nic there with all kinds of snacks and drinks, and after that we had a petanque championship.

Andrey and I won the championship with the score of 8-1!!!

After the winners were announced Mr Robertson prepared some prizes for the winners like crisps, drinks, and the cup for the first place.

I really enjoyed this trip, it was really fun.