Christmas presents

As Christmas is coming we decorated our tree in our house – it is looking great! Decorating it together was fun.

The presents in the picture are for a charity that the school helps every year. They will go to under-privileged children in Europe. The school has collected around 300 boxes and a lot of them are from the boarding houses. It feels great to help other children in need.

I hope they will have a great Christmas!

…and you too!


The days are getting shorter and shorter, and nights are getting longer. Yesterday evening at 17:30 when we were making our way to study hall, we saw something really beautiful shining up in the sky. It turned up to be the planet Venus. Its really bright, so you could easily notice it in the sky. It’s isolated and seems to be shining alone in the sky as the first star to come out. Everyone who lives near to Switzerland will be able to see it, and they will enjoy looking at it for sure – look to the South West in the very early evening. It was great today because the skies were so clear.

Meet the teachers / Tuck shop

Today the weather has been really bad for us, and furthermore tomorrow we have the parent teacher conference. How lucky we are!

On the bright side, the tuck shop is finally open! A tuck shop is simply a shop for the boarding students that is inside the boarding house. It allows us to have some snacks and drinks without leaving the house! And it is also much cheaper than grenier where the students usually buy.