House Competition


Last sunday we could enjoy the House Competition, we did activities about music and rhythm! All the boarders try to guess the name of the songs, singer, words of songs.. Also we made the musical chairs, dance battle (Massamba did a great job dancing!!) and we enjoyed a really good afternoon there!!



Awards Ceremony

We are glad to introduce you the Awards Ceremony.

Zhenhuan Wang won the award to the Boarding Life and Marco Alvarez won the Activities award in Champ des Bois!




Disney trip by Marco


Today Marco want to share with us his trip to Disney in Paris with CDL.

“My trip to Disneyland Paris was very good. I liked the roller coasters and the attractions. I also make new friends during the trip. We were together all the weekend in Paris we laughed and had lots of fun. Also Disneyland Paris had a big place full of restaurants were you could eat lots of food. I think this one is one of the best, but not better than Orlando, Disney World. This one has more roller coasters, but the other one is much more inspirational.”






Samandar’s Holidays in Baku


Samandar wants to share with us his experience in October in his hometown! Here he goes!

“My Holidays was in my hometown-Baku,When arrived to Baku my father meet me and take me to the house and my mother meet me there and i go to sleep because it was night.For the next day i went back to my last school to meet my old friends,and after i went with them to the cinema.Then all days my cousins grandmother and grandfather come to see me cause I’m here only for 1 week so on the last day of my holidays my father take to the best restaurant in Baku and for the next day my father take me to the airpot and after 5 hours a came back to Geneva.”



Chenyang’s October Break


Here we have one day in Chenyang’s Holidays, he was inspired to write this letter about one of his days in China!

“My day
My eyes closed, comfortable bed, stretch my limbs, memories of the day, enjoy a hurry to bring me pleasure.

Morning, when the first beam fired into the sunlight from the window of my house, the new day began, it was a hasty and pleasant day, and thus began.

In the morning, I started the morning exercise, although the cold weather, but the fresh air already, let us breathe freely, it will be a night of fresh air dazed swept away, with a new look to greet the new day coming.

The spring, your day with a morning after morning exercise, I began to take advantage of this valuable early morning, were Chendu. A sentence refined statement touching the screen, humorous description …… all scenes imprinted on my mind, they are in my blood flowing, slowly injected into my brain, so I did this morning from my white front walk, let my brain to enrich this morning.

Morning is happy, that heavy job they came in front of me bashing, this time can not so pleasant, always the problem again and again, put me distracted, wants a good play on a play. However, there are so many jobs did not do, I only want to play, rest time and do not want to take up homework, and really let me no alternative but to this job down, then unless the job, but each has the same job as me upset of the problem, always vigorously when I did, suddenly come up, stopped my way, really annoying! As a result, I was doing a job no law, this total should not waste time, I had no choice but to sit down while reading the questions, find the known conditions from the title, and then seek the unknown, so step by step to thinking, according to the requirements solve problems is unknown, so the problem is solved.

Alas, to solve so many “stumbling block”, and finally all the jobs finished. , I’m relieved to finally be able to open their hearts to do what you want to do, a look at the time, oh, my God, time competing quietly slipped away from me behind a half, unwittingly day has passed, to this day my confidence, but also gave me the courage to solve problems, so I have been more substantial.

This is my joy, worry and fulfilling day.”