Welcome to everybody! We have been very pleased to welcome all the students to Champs des Bois  Boarding House at the start of this school year! Please feel free to make regular visits to our house blog for an update and some photographs on what the boys have been up to. Please remember this is run by the students and we aim to have 100 000 visits this year so… we hope you will be a frequent visitor!

From left: Tymur -Ukraine-, Edo -Italy-, Mircea -Romania-, Andrey -Russia-, [Gio, our younger brother from OLYMPUS Boarding House], Mauro -Brazil-, Salva (Senior House Parent) -Italy-, Burak -Turkey-, Egor -Russia-, Aslan -Kirghizstan-, James -Mozambique-, Rafa (Graduate Assistant) -Spain-, Jia Hao -Brazil-.

cdb photo