Environmental Project!

This afternoon the Champs des Bois boys + Arush from Concha Blanca ran an environmental project. They literally cleaned ALL the campus from the Primary section to the Moleson area, including football fields, parking etc. They have worked on this project for about two hours with great spirit and enthusiasm.
The idea behind this project is that we should not consider only our HOME as the place where we return after our daily commitments, take showers, get food and sleep. The concept of HOME should be extended to our communities, cities, countries and more extensively to our own planet.
The aim is to raise respectful and mindful human beings. This generation will have to carry the burden of the mistakes made up until now when it comes to environmental care. They no longer have the luxury to postpone the issue. Any 21st century educational institution has the moral obbligation to tackle this issue with proactivity and seriousness.
The boys have managed to collect approximately 5 kg of trash; mainly plastic bottles, cans, paper and various snack bags. At the end we counted 42 small plastic bottles that we will proudly recycle.
The last step of the project consisted in answering the following questions:
Campus conditions: Can our campus be considered a clean place?
Which areas did we collect the most trash?
What kind of trash is easily found left out of the bins?
Are there enough bins or we should ask the manegement to install more?
How do you feel considering the action you have taken this afternoon to make of our school a better place and to spread awareness of the environmental care? 
It is worth mentioning that the boys will not get any special treatment or privilege in return… and they knew it.

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War is merely the catastrophic effect of our daily living, and so long as we do not change our daily living, no amount of legislation, controls, and sanctions will prevent war. Is peace in the mind and heart, in the way of our life, or is it merely a governmental regulation, something to be decided in the United Nations? I am afraid that for most of us, peace is only a matter of legislation, and we are not concerned with peace in our own minds and hearts; therefore, there can be no peace in the world. You cannot have peace, inward or outward, so long as you are ambitious, competitive, so long as you regard yourself as a German, a Hindu, a Russian, or an Englishman, so long as you are striving to become somebody in this mad world. Peace comes only when you understand all this and are no longer pursuing success in a society which is already corrupt. Only the peaceful mind, the mind that understands itself, can bring peace in the world.

Hamburg 1956,Talk 1 J.K.