Big Day, Big Feelings…

just a little while ago you were feeling sad because the summer holidays are over… so what is this new feeling now? A lot of new things … You feel nervous? new country, new home, new people… perhaps a bit frightened? everything looks so unfamiliar but you are eager to know and learn something new…
but you have a long list of worries dragging you down.. you worry about

Bad grades
Not succeed in life

Where do I get lunch?

Where do I get my locker key?
Failing at school
This terrible stress

Breakfast is not like at home

Where is the “MOLE..SOMETHING” building…
Not being able to handle the pressure
Not living up to expectations

Did I take my ID card for lunch?

etc … etc .. etc ..

Hey! Now take a deep breath… and another … and another one

you are safe    everything is just fine    you are NOT alone    it is a wonderful day    nature is stunning here  it’s still summer

you are NOT alone    just smile, be kind and everyone will smile at you

Just smile, be kind and enjoy your unforgettable DAY 1