House Assembly : What is Meditation?

Dear Parents, Families and Friends,
Hope you are all well!
Welcome back to our House Blog! We just would like to share with you some news about our Pastoral Programme and what the boys have been up to yesterday evening during our weekly House Assembly.  
They have been asked to work independently for about 30 min, finding their answers to the following questions:
What is meditation ?
What does breathing have to do with meditation ?
Where did meditation come from ?
What are considered to be the benefits of meditation ? How could meditation improve your school results, for example ? How could it help you in the Boarding House ?
What do you find difficult about meditation ?
The boys have been exposed to meditation practice for a week now and they have already learnt how difficult it is to simply sit still even for few minutes and pay attention just to each single breath. In many instances we have given them tips and clarified their doubts and we must say that they are doing fairly well. The purpose of yesterday’s assembly was to deepen their knowledge of Meditation giving them the opportunity to ponder on and answer to those basic questions.
We will continue with the same topic until  the October break. The benefits of this practice are unquestionable so get them talking about it, ask them how they feel when they meditate, what they find difficult etc.. This is a great opportunity for them to become familiar with an essential tool that will definitely improve their well-being.. so let’s keep the motivation up!
Thank you for your attention and for your usual fantastic support!