“21 Days Meditation Challenge”: Update!

Dear Parents, Families and Friends,

Welcome back to our House Blog!

During our yesterday’s House Assembly we asked the boys to complete an Emotional Intelligence Self-Assessment. We introduced this activity by explaining how essential Self-Awareness is and will be in their lives and how this is strictly connected to the Meditation practice: in the moment that we close our eyes and we pay attention to our breath we immediately connect with our inner world and little by little we can gain the ability to explore it becoming more and more familiar with our feelings and emotions.  On the worksheet provided, 4 sets of clear and straightforward statements on Emotional Awareness, Emotional Management, Social Emotional Awareness and Relationship Management, needed to be rated.


I find it easy to share my deep feelings with others – 0 never, 1 rarely, 2 sometimes, 3 often, 4 always –

The purpose is obviously to deepen our kids’ knowledge of Meditation and show them in which way this important “tool” can be used. We firmly believe that we should all be taught from a young age that in the same way we take showers, brush our teeth and comb our hair, taking care of our bodies, it is also essential to introduce in our daily routines some short moments of awareness, where we pause, drop into our inner world and feel grateful, create some space to explore our emotions and celebrate our lives.  No doubt this is a key element to attain true Happiness and we will no doubt put all our efforts to expose our boys to these sort of messages throughout the whole school year.