Gardening Project!

The moment we have impatiently waited for throughout the whole year has finally come! The weather conditions are favorable now and we can happily start “getting our hands dirty” by doing some gardening. During the weekend we started our project by pulling weeds and preparing the soil for the forthcoming direct sowing + planting the seedlings! We have already transplanted some delicious basil!

We believe that there are many lessons that can be learned through these kind of activities and, step by step, we will explore together with our kids what sort of interconnections can be discovered between the environment and us. How disconnection from nature is affecting our health and wellbeing? How long and how much care does it take to grow a plant which gives edible fruits? etc.

In order to better clarify our intentions and the motivation behind this activity, we would like to share an excerpt of an article we have read recently:

“Young people around the globe are affected by bullying, violence, social problems, and a lack of respect for each other and the world around them. The lack of respect and care for each other as human beings has also extended to our treatment of the Earth. We have caused the Earth and its oceans great harm, through reckless pollution, unthinking environmental carelessness and unsustainable consumption. Deforestation and toxic contamination of soil and water alone affect hundreds of millions of children through poverty, disease and the lack of potable water. The impact of human actions on animals and marine life has been catastrophic.

All educators should get involved in a global endeavor to help children and young people explore and develop positive values and move toward a new way of thinking about nature.  What children and young people learn is later woven into the fabric of society.  Education must have positive values, including green values, at its heart if we are to learn to live in harmony with the earth and create a better world for all.”