Welcome Back!

Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome back to our House Blog and Happy 2019!

It is so good to have all the boys back and it is particularly rewarding to see that all of them are happy and in good spirits after the long break.

With this first post of the new year, we would like to share a few important upcoming dates to help you with your exeats and holidays’ plans and to keep you in the loop of what the boys will be up to in the next weeks until the February Break:


  • Self-esteem and body image (includes nutrition)


  • JANUARY 25th-27th
  • FEBRUARY 8th-10th
  • MARCH 1st-3rd


  • FEBRUARY – Friday 15th (last day of school) – Monday 25th (school starts)


  • Tuesday 19th of MARCH


We would also like to take this opportunity to share with you our wish for the new year. In a world that is changing faster than in any other time in history, where it’s becoming extremely hard to predict what things will be like in the next 10/15 years, actually ours it is not only a wish but rather one of the main forces that guide us as educators, one of the most important answers to the question “why do you work in education?”. It is clear to us that the most import outcome we wish for our kids out of their experience in our House and in our School is that through all the attention, care, example, activities, we give and exposed them to, our students can¬†learn how to really love and take care of themselves. We strongly believe this is the only solution that will eventually enable all of us to create a fairer world.

Happy New Year!