Welcome Back!

Dear Parents, Families, and Friends,

After the February break, Champ Des Bois Boarding House has reopened! We have been extremely glad to welcome back our boys during the weekend and it is always a gratifying experience to see their big smiles when they arrive!

As you can see from these pictures, the weather has been clear all week and a big sun&blue sky have welcomed back our students!

The days are rapidly getting longer and warmer and, as we do every year, we really look forward to starting our gardening project, spending more time outdoors and learning to appreciate and preserve the beauty of our surroundings.

The last marking period, starting tomorrow, will indeed be full of interesting and important events, activities and new projects, such as a badminton tournament to raise money for charity, the forthcoming students&staff Talent Show, our House Climate Change Laboratory, the last “Mountain Weekend” in Crans Montana, just to mention a few events. We will then get back to our routine activities such as the weekly environmental project, meditation, and yoga practice, spreading┬álove, kindness, and peace and consistently working hard to save the world. A pretty exciting term ahead…

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