Global & Local : Learning & Helping

At CDL we would like to help keep the planet clean and collaborate with our community. We want to raise awareness among our children about the importance of taking care of the planet while helping our neighbourhood.This Sunday our children have joined the initiative to pick up litter around the neighbourhood and we are very happy with their attitude.

Learning and helping all at once.

1st Ski Day of the year

This Saturday the guys from CDB really enjoyed skiing in Villars. It is impressive how quickly our little skiers are improving their ski level. A perfect combination of fresh snow, a sunny day and a very good attitude. We are very proud of you! Bravoooo

Learn & Play with Trivial Pursuit

After playing outside in the snow for more than 3 hours we came back home to warm up and play some old classic quiz games but modernised…

Trivial Pursuit 🎲 on Nintendo Switch 🎮

3 kids teams against the House Parents team…guess who won ? 😒😤😖😭

Like a Snowflake, You’re One of a Kind

Good morning everyone, it’s always nice to see how every single person is unique. Surprisingly, this can be reminded to us by something so common…the weather. We have had a nice snowfall here and today we can see how different people react to the snow. Some children will be out in it, rolling around, throwing it up in the air with great excitement. Others may come outside and just glare at the beauty of the vast white blankets. A different child might not want to go out at all and just simply stay cozy inside the house with a cup of hot chocolate.

However you are going to enjoy this weather, Champs des Bois wishes you all a wonderful day!

Cold Hands, Warm Hearts!

It is so nice to have the children back in the house! After a well deserved break from all of their schoolwork the children have returned to Boarding Life and what a great start for the first week here to have such a heavy snowfall.

We are enjoying this as much as we can and hoping for more snow to fall in the next few days. We have been out playing snowball fights, making snowmen everywhere we go, making snow angels and measuring the snowfall to try and predict how much will fall in the next few hours.

Remember to wrap up warm everybody!