Tired out

Christopher went Biking with Mr. George, Mr. Ronan and a bunch of Seniors this Saturday.

He managed to keep up with the bigger boys quite well and bicycled over 11km!

Let’s Roll!

Leon and Ivor spent Saturday morning learning how to make sushi.

They learnt about the ingredients that go into the most popular sushi rolls, and the perils of wasabi!

Lazin’ About

Sunday afternoon was the opposite of a lazy Sunday.

We had the opportunity to play laser tag in the beautiful Concha garden, and what a blast it was!

It was an intense battle, but ultimately we achieved our Main Mission: TO HAVE FUN!


Thrill of the Hunt!

So hear me all and listen good,
Your effort will be worth the cold.
If you are brave and in the wood
I bestow your title and the gold!

Saturday evening CDB participated in the Boarding Treasure Hunt! And what a thrill it was!

Clues in the form of poems engaged our minds and took us on a tour of our campus.

Questions about something in each location engaged our senses as we studied our surroundings carefully.

We did quite well! While we were tied for how many questions we got correct, our enthusiasm paid off as we had the faster time!


Thank You Big Brother!

Mason was so grateful that his big brother Kevin was willing to help him with his IPC project. Mason has a school project due for Friday and it’s is about Ancient Egypt! The task is to create a diorama of an Ancient Egyptian household and to talk about who lives there and what their jobs were.

Well done for showing such brotherhood boys!

Story Time in CDB

The boys’ reading levels are really improving rapidly. A lot of the children are now moving on to chapter books and we all have 15 minutes of reading time after school and even ore if you’ve been sucked in by the story-line. Well done you little bookworms!

Welcome Back Boys!

After a lovely break it’s so nice to have a full noisy house again. We’re sure there are still a lot of adventures to be had but there’s not long left until the end of a fantastic school year…we will definitely be making the most of the short time left.