Back to school!

Easter break is finished and last term is about to start! Children are excited to go back to school and tell their friends the amazing adventures they lived either with their families or in the Cyprus & Greece trip. But, in the meanwhile… they enjoyed a beautiful and restful weekend where, altogether with the nice weather, bikes, scooters and skateboards got back to action! We wish you all a smooth return to the routine and let you enjoy these nice pictures of our boarders 🙂





Sunday mood

After a long week full of study and hard work we enjoy the little pleasures of Sunday afternoon. Playing outside with friends, chess or watching cartoons.

Mrs Elisabeth made a delicious Nutella Cake for snack that we shared all together.

Queen’s Gambit

Liam, Louis, Nicholas & Eason practised chess after brunch and played against each other. it’s a game take a big part in our Boarding House.

Also, our boys enjoy to mesure themself to older students