First barbecue done



c’était une super apres midi franchement la meilleure apres midi dans le cdl avec maluen foot barbecue music ambiance franchement un merci a Maluen et Jorge pour le charbon et la viande on s’est bien amuser surtout avec la participation de maluen qui était magnifique merci beaucoup.






Champs des bois old single room



Work has been done in the house over the Christmas holidays.

we are glad to present our two rooms of two (before 3 and 1) which is going to give a better environment to our students

A big thanks to all the people involved

Champs des bois old triple room




Saturday barbecue

image4 image3

we went to the shop and we want to buy some candy then me and my friend geory have an idea what we can do barbecue so we bout everything what we need and then we start to cook and then one more my friend also from champ de bois help us i this and the we start to it and it was so tasty


My opinion about tennis activity.

photo 1 photo 2

Hi, my name is Igor Beylin. Now I would like to tell you some words about CDL tennis activity. I like it very much, because I want to become a champion in the future, maybe it will happen. It is also very useful for my legs, because I need to run to the ball very fast. Really, the coach is very good player, he is also train us very good, but I can not forget about my first coach from Cyprus and Russia, they were also very good. But if I will study here, I want to practice my tennis skills. So, in my opinion, tennis is very good for me and my health.