Hello, I am Egor and I am going to tell you about my home town Orenburg.

Its in the south of Russia, right next to Kazakhstan. Even though it’s in the south, it’s colder than the north, but also hot in the summer, this is because of the flat lands. The flat lands also mean that it is a good place for farming. The city itself is busy in center, but the population is not that big. There are quite a lot of interesting things to do like going to cinemas, paintballs or swimming in the river. I love this city because its where I grew up and where my friends are. No matter where I live, I always will call Orenburg – Home.

This is a statue of Urii Gagarin, he was the first man in space and he was from Orenburg.

Indoor football

Even if its cold outside we still continue doing our activities.  One of our favourites is playing football in the balloon, we enjoy it very much and each week more and more people are coming to play with us. We are happy that we have this activity!

CdB football

Biking in the rain!

Today our activity was biking – and it was raining! We were expecting it to be terrible, but it wasn’t that bad. Even if it was dirty and wet everywhere, we still kind of liked it. Also we caught a moment to see a rainbow, you can almost see it in this picture!


We had amazing trip to Chamonix yesterday.

We got the minibus to drive there, Mr Robertson was driving!

It took about an hour to get there and when we got there we got some tickets to go on the luges. It was really fun, and it was quite fast! And also it was raining really hard at the same time, I think this was an experience I will never forget.

After that we went to the small town, where we had tasty ice  cream and a nice stroll. We decided to eat in one of the traditional mountain town restaurants.

On the way back we saw a huge glacier and stopped next to a waterfall. It was impressive and really beautiful. Also we went to a lake where everyone had fun. I had a nice swim there, the others were playing football or frisbee. So we came back really happy and satisfied.